Polus (Ian Hanmore) is an elder Fade and leader of the Fades who are terrorising humans and Angelics.


First DeathEdit

Originally a soldier named John, he was one of many who lost their lives in World War 2 and one of many who failed to assend after the war. Polus once told Paul he believed the sheer number of dead from the war irrebrbly damaged assention reulting in the large number of Fades roaming the Earth.

With nothing left for him his fade returned home and watched his friends and family move on from his Death while he could do nothing but watch them. He also had to endure his body continue to warp and change has a Fade reuslting in him having a corpse like appearance.

Start of the Hate and MadnessEdit

Polus was one of many Fades who tried to appeal to the Angelics for help in finding a way to end their tormented existence in limbo. However, the Angelics decided it wasn't their place to interfere, and the Fades would just have to endure. When the Fades responded angrily to this, the Angelics forged weapons against them and, according to Polus, "...became our wardens and persecutors".

Around this time, Polus was also watching his widow silently suffer in an abusive relationship with a husband who beat her, and children who did not love her. Unable to bear any more, she eventually committed suicide; an act which is implied to have pushed Polus further over the edge, since he was present, but unable to do anything to stop her. Not able to be without her, he lay next to her body for several days, enduring the pain of her blood dripping on him. When her blood ws completely drained, he discovered something amazing. The skin that had been exposed to the blood had become corporeal. Though still invisible, he found the exposed skin was able to feel and touch the world of the living.

War with the AngelicsEdit

Polus appeares at the start of the series on the outskirts of Paul's hometown with a pack of Fade followers. He hides out in an abandoned building waiting for Neil and Sarah who have been tracking him for several weeks. Taking them by suprise with his abbility to touch he kills Sarah and wounds Neil before being distracted by Paul who observed the fight.

He later tracks down Neil's hideout and kills Helen by ripping her throat out. (Episode 1)

Curious about the unaligned Angelic he sends his follower Natalie to spy on Paul while he hunts for more meat so that other Fades can become more corporeal. He kills two boys from Paul's school and brings their bodies back has a gift for Natile to feed on. (Episode 2)

Halway through the season Polus starts going through a bizare trasformation; where he enters a cocoon. Natalie almost leads the angelics to his location because she dosent understand what is hapening to him and thought Paul could help him. By the end of the episode he emerges from the cocoon in a human body of the man he was in life.

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