Caroline Skinner is the talented producer of The Fades, and she also recently became the executive producer of Dr. Who.

Caroline 16x9 b

In a recent interview with, she says that the plans for the Dr. Who anniversary show will be "huge". As for The Fades, she is very proud of the show. She says:

"You've seen a ghost before and you've seen a vampire or a werewolf before, but you've never seen a Fade before. And they are almost ghosts, but not quite, because they're Jack's version of what that means. And they're almost zombies, but they're not quite, because they're Jack's version of what that means... The battle between the living and the dead is something he's drawn up with his own philosophy of the world."

As for a second season of The Fades, we're still not sure, but we can keep our fingers crossed!


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